Saber Force

Instructions & Troubleshooting 

(Darth Maul, Ethereal, Dark Angel, Revan & Ghost Neopixel models) 

Every single Saber that is sold through our store is checked and tested before it is sent out to the customer. 
If you find your new Saber is not working as intended there is most likely a very simple fix.

Please use the guide & videos below to troubleshoot the issue. If you still need help please feel free to contact us -

Safety Warning

1) Not suitable for children under the age of 13.
2) Please use the Saber sensibly and do not use it to hurt people.
3) Do not use the Saber in or near water.
4) Please use the supplied charger cable and a 5V,1A charger adapter.
5) Do not overcharge and charge unattended or leave charging overnight.

Please Note - This product contains a Lithium-Ion battery and must be handled with care at all times. Do not tamper or modify the Sabers or remove any parts or screws from the hilt (apart from the screws to secure the blade into the hilt). If you do not know what you are doing you can cause damage to the Saber by removing the incorrect screws on the hilt and by not putting them back properly. This will automatically void your warranty. Saber Force will not be liable for any damage, injury or malfunction that occurs, including electrical & fire hazards, that are caused by tampering with the Saber or removing parts and screws that should not be removed. If the Saber is not working as intended or is broken, do not attempt to repair it yourself, contact us and we will organize a repair or replacement. If you are unsure about what parts you can and can't remove, please contact us.

Always use a 5V,1A charging adapter to ensure you charge the saber safely. If you use the incorrect charging adapter you could cause internal damage to the saber. Saber Force will not be liable for any damage caused by using the incorrect charging adapter. If you are unsure please contact us.


1) Hilt Material: Aluminum Alloy
2) Blade Material: Removable PC
3) Colours: 16
4) Soundfonts: 16
5) Battery: 3000mah, 18650
6) Charging time: 2 hours Max
7) Warranty: 12 Months

Troubleshooting Guide (Darth Maul, Ethereal, Dark Angel, Revan & Ghost  Neopixel Sabers Only)

Saber has no sound:  If the saber has no sound, this generally means that the saber is in mute mode. To re-activate the sound please make sure the saber is turned off. Next Tap the Power and AUX button at the same time to enter, Then tap the Power button to increase the volume, tap the AUX button to decrease the volume. 

Saber has weak sound: If the sound coming from your saber sounds very weak, this generally means the volume is turned to low.  To turn the volume up please follow these steps. 

Tap the Power button (Top smaller button) and AUX button (Bottom larger button) at the same time to enter, Then tap the Power button to increase the volume, tap the Aux button to decrease the volume. 

Blade colour glitches: PLEASE NOTE (Some of the blade colours will have multiple colours in them) 
If you are noticing the blade colours glitch from different colours this means there is a connection issue. To fix this, first turn the saber off.

Please charge the battery for at least 1 hour first. Sometimes the battery may just be flat or have low power.

Next remove the blade from the saber. Then reconnect the blade, make sure the blade is pushed firmly against the hilt to ensure a smooth connection. Use the screws provided to secure the blade firmly to the hilt.

Re-activate the saber & check the blade colours.

Blade has no light: If there is no light coming from your saber, this means you have not connected the blade and hilt correctly. Please follow the steps above from the Blade colour glitches instructions.

How to assemble the Dark Angel Saber

How to charge your saber

Saber Instruction Guide (Neopixel Models Only) 

How to power on and off (make sure the saber is charged first)

1) To awaken from deep sleep mode tap the power button (Top smaller button)

2) To turn it off press and hold the top power button.

3) To put the saber into deep sleep mode tap the AUX bottom button quickly 3 times. This will deactivate the saber completley.

How to change blade colours & sounds.
You can match different blade colours with different sounds, to suit your preference. 

1) How to change blade colour: Saber must by activated. Press the top power button to activate the saber. Then simply turn the saber upside down and hold the AUX button. While pressing the AUX button, twist the saber either left or right, this will change the blade colours. 

1) How to change sounds:
Saber must by deactivated. Then tap the AUX button. This will change through different soundfonts. (Please see video below)

Lightsaber effects (Saber must be turned on)

1) Blaster Sound:
Tap the button

2) Lock-up loop: To activate Lock up loop, hold the AUX button and then release.

3) Flash on clash: To activate Flash on Clash hold both the Power & AUX button at the same time. This will activate Flash on Clash.

Lightsaber effects (Saber must be turned off)

Change Saber blade ignition effect. You can change the saber ignition effect to 9 different effects To do this all you need to do is hold the power button (top smaller button) and release it. The saber will make a noise to confirm the ignition effect has been changed. (Please see below video)

2) Switch blade effect. First make sure the saber is deactivated. You can switch blade effects by holding the AUX button and releasing it. Blade effects will allow your saber blade to emit light in different styles.