Saber instructions

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Every single Saber that is sold through our store is checked and tested before it is sent out to the customer. If you find your new Saber is not working as intended there is most likely a very simple fix. Please use the guide & videos below to troubleshoot the issue. If you still need help please feel free to contact us -

Safety Warning

1) Not suitable for children under the age of 13. (Adult supervision is always advised)
2) Please use the Saber sensibly and do not use it to hurt people.
3) Do not use the Saber in or near water.
4) Please use the supplied charger cable and a 5V,1A charger adapter.
5) Do not overcharge and charge unattended or leave charging overnight.
6) DO NOT remove screws from the hilt. The only screws that should be removed are for the blades.

Please Note - This product contains a Lithium-Ion battery and must be handled with care at all times. Do not tamper or modify the Sabers or remove any parts or screws from the hilt (apart from the screws to secure the blade into the hilt). If you do not know what you are doing you can cause damage to the Saber by removing the incorrect screws on the hilt and by not putting them back properly. This will automatically void your warranty. Saber Force will not be liable for any damage, injury or malfunction that occurs, including electrical & fire hazards, that are caused by tampering with the Saber or removing parts and screws that should not be removed. If the Saber is not working as intended or is broken, do not attempt to repair it yourself, contact us and we will organize a repair or replacement. If you are unsure about what parts you can and can't remove, please contact us.

Ethereal, Dark Angel,Ghost, Revan & Darth Maul Neopixel

Avenger, Vader, Obi Wan, Windu, Anakin, Cal Kestis NEOPIXEL

Avenger, Vader, Obi Wan, Windu, Anakin, Cal Kestis

Darksaber V2 

Darksaber RGB